​El Oso Andy has been DJing since 2004. His irresistible orqesta arrangements turn the floor full of happy feet. His classical tangos generate warm atmospheres for dancers to enjoy abrazo. His cortinas break the ice for people to sing, talk and party through the night. The Hong Kong/Taipei Big-Ticket DJ will serve on Tango Origin Celebration!

Marcelo Rojas自1993年,開始探戈DJ生涯至今,曾在全球三十餘國家、各大探戈活動擔任DJ。榮獲2018年最佳探戈DJ及多項大獎的他,同時也是布宜諾斯艾利斯官方探戈電台“La 2x4”、及線上探戈電台www.radiodetangos.com的當家DJ。Marcelo最愛透過音樂,為舞者創造獨特的情感和美好的回憶。重量級DJ首次登台!不能錯過!

Since 1993, Marcelo Rojas has been a tango DJ for milongas and events in BsAs and more than 30 countries around the world. He has won the 2018 Best Tango DJ and many other awards. He's also the main DJ for the official Tango radio channel "La 2x4" in Buenos Aires and Tango radio He loves to create moments of special feelings and beautiful memories for dancers through his music. Come enjoy his super music in Taiwan in October!


As the resident TDJ for one of Singapore’s most popular Milongas, Wei Li gets his sense of accomplishment from seeing dancers end the tanda with a smile on their faces.“A famous Tango DJ once told me that a TDJ is not an artist. Rather, he is a servant to community, and the mission is to make people want to dance, not showing off your rare music.”It has since become Wei Li’s guiding principle every time he DJ, be it in Singapore, Korea, China, Indonesia, or any place where he is invited to DJ.

Mariano Vázquez has the rare distinction of being an accomplished pianist, tango dancer, teacher and DJ. He completed his Piano Master’s degree in Music at the prestigious National Conservatory of Argentina (UNA), focusing on classical music, jazz, tango and Argentine folk music. Following the 2013 reléase of his solo piano álbum of Argentine Tango and Folklore, he travelled through Europe presenting it in Madrid, Geneva, Naples, Lyon, London and Stockholm. Currently he is a pianist in different “Tango Houses” in Buenos Aires.


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